EMM8 electret condenser microphone and

MP-1r microphone pre-amplifier

Exceptionally flat response for the best precision measurements from Germany

This microphone is comes with a calibration file for use with the ETF or BARE software. While the BARE software works equally well with the Radio Shack analog SPL meter, the ETF benefits particularly in the high frequency range with this microphone. We have found this microphone to be extremely accurate and reproducible over time.

With the calibrated microphone comes a matched MP-1r pre-amplifier. It operates on a single 9 volt battery, and provides gain control for optimizing the input level of the microphone into your computer's sound card.

Cables are not included with the microphone and pre-amp. We do offer a special cable packages for use with this unit.

Microphone Highlights

  • Electret condensor microphone
  • 20 - 20 kHz response +/- 2 db
  • comes with matching pre-amp and calibration file
  • SNR > 58 db
  • $300 includes microphone holder

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