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The Award Winning PARC

Parametric Adaptive Room Compensation

Finally a way to remove the BOOM in your room.

The PARC is a Parametric Adaptive Room Compensation system. Rives Audio designed the PARC because current stereo and home theater components have exceeded the capability of their environment. Today's hi end audio speakers and electronics have the capability of delivering a near flat response throughout the audible frequency range (20Hz to 20kHz). However, these systems interact with their environment, namely the room they are located in. One of the largest problems in typical listening rooms is standing waves or room modes (bass modes) caused by parallel walls. The PARC is specifically designed to alleviate this problem. To understand more about the issues of room modes, go to "the Listening Room".

The PARC is a 2 channel, 3 band (per channel) parametric equalizer (parametric eq) that can attenuate 3 separate frequencies at different ranges and amplitudes. It is purely analog based, so there is no digital conversion to corrupt the audio signal. The system uses components and modules developed for high end analog recording studios. Every item in the signal path is of the lowest noise and highest quality available. The engineers that developed the unit have literally dozens of years experience in designing low noise parametric equalizers (parametric eq) for the recording industry.

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Rives Audio is the exclusive licensee under US Patent 7,702,113

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PARC Highlights

  • Attenuate bass anomalies caused by standing waves (parallel walls)
  • Pure Analog Design; no digital conversion; the most transparent eq on the market
  • Studio Quality Design, Engineering, & Components
  • Absolute Sound Golden Ear Award 2004
  • Stereophile Product of the Year 2003,
  • Stereophile Class A Recommended Component for 6 years running!
  • $4000 MSRP


"The problem it solves is very real, and it solves it remarkably well. ...(the) PARC could change your audio life as almost nothing else will."
Robert Greene, the Absolute Sound, Oct/Nov 2004

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Product of the Year Award, Stereophile 2003

Of this two-channel, three-band parametric equalizer with Parametric Adaptive Room Compensation (PARC), KR said, "the PARC was completely transparent in both the critical midrange and the revealing treble range," while in the lower midrange and bass, "the PARC was changing the sound, as intended." Deep male voices were "always firmer, better defined harmonically and spatially, and easier to distinguish musically." Large and complex passages of music were also imporved: "I realized that, although there was no sapping of energy, there was a greatly enhanced facility to hear more of what was going on within the orchestra. PRaT (Phase, Rythm, and Timing) fans will appreciate what PARC does to delineate the pulse and meter of the music." (Vol . 26 No7. WWW) Kal Rubinson, Stereophile

Please see the entire review from Stereophile.

"Room modes have the same effect; it's simply a question as to their degree and significance. By addressing room modes, that muddying effect is taken out of the equation allowing transient snaps and rhythmic drive to speed along without having the parking brake engaged." Ryan Coleman - Positive Feedback
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